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Combative Sports Center (CSC) began in 2004 with a group of friends looking to establish a place to train jiu-jitsu and introduce the martial art to others in the Manhattan, KS community. 

Today, CSC has become a place where anyone can train and gain both the mental and physical benefits of training in combative sports.  Many times we hear "I need to get in shape before I do that...", what many people who train at CSC understand is that combative sports training is one of the fastest ways to get into shape.  CSC is one of the rare opportunities where you get to work along side competing athletes that help and encourage you in your fitness journey. 

The gym currently has many decorated professional fighters as well as many amateur fighters, fighting for organizations; such as, Victory Fighting Championship (VFC), Strikeforce, Bellator, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and Titan Fighting Championship.

Combative Sports Center offers the best training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, kickboxing and self-defense. Our instructors provide superior training in all areas of martial arts.


With over 15 blackbelts in BJJ and a former UFC fighter, the quality of training speaks for itself.


Interested in trying out some classes or just getting in the best shape of your life? Come by and see why we boast about having the best training in the area!

"If You Really Want To Do Something, You'll Find A Way.  
If You Don't, You'll Find An Excuse." -Jim Rohn


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